Collaboration of artists with diverse kinesiological backgrounds, a group that create complex physical performances where dance, circus and performance techniques meet and blend.

Within the structure of a united and integrated performance based on the performer’s movement and expression are assimilated circus techniques in what concerns the creation and the usage of the three-dimensional space (acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, the expressive range of the performers, a construction of dramaturgy with the elements of irony, tragicomic and self-sarcasm) and as well the extroverted identity of the genre of performance. 

We aim at forming a distinct way of expression in which the unique artistic style of each of the performers is incorporated, not like an array of skills but as a joint effort in the process of configuration of the performance, always in relation with the aesthetics decisions for each individual research.

The group was founded in 2003 by the dancer Christina Sougioultzi and the circus artist Camilo Bentancor. From the year 2009 the group hosts constantly the dancer Ermis Malkotsis with the status of dancer and choreographer.

The main activities of the organization take place in our venue, ROES theater,  in the center of Athens, fully equipped with all the theatrical machinery. Our second main activity is the education, concerning the art of new circus. We offer a full time program with classes every day as well as professional seminars related to circus techniques conducted by members of the organization and by other local or foreign artists invited.